What am I doing at Slavic Game Jam?

I’ve discovered the awesomeness of game jams pretty late, probably because I’ve never even thought about making a game on my own. A few months ago the company I was working for sent me to Pyrkon (fantasy convention in Poznan, Poland) where I was supposed to be one of the judges at the first game jam made during this event. And that was the moment I felt in love with it!


The magic of game jams lays in people. 24/36/48 hours of constant integration with people who are super friendly, super creative, more or less talented, but super positive! Working together, eating together, sleeping together, getting involved in all kinds of crazy shenanigans together. It actually feels like a giant slumber party!


So now I am at Slavic Game Jam in Warsaw. There are around 300 people making games here. So what did I come here for? No, I’m not a judge this time. And I still didn’t learn how to make games. I do, what I do every day. I test games.


I’m almost sure that I’m the only professional tester who came here to test games, not to make them. I decided that I will test any game being done around here if anyone wants it. Since it’s only been 6 hours I don’t have much to do, but I managed to check what Threef has done so far. One bug, but 100% repro, and he’s already fixing this, so I guess it can be helpful to have a tester around, even during game jam.


Slavic is kind of an experiment for me. If it works out I’ll be doing this more often for sure. I’ll let you know how it went later, but I’ll also be posting updates to facebook and twitter so stay tuned 😉

If you’re at Slavic feel free to find me and give me your work to test. I’m in room 3.12.


My first jam was a life changer for me. I was there when I started creating the idea of Rudy Dziobak. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, who had, and still have, a huge impact on my life. Today I’m here with some of them and many more awesome humans, so I’m sure it’s gonna be even better! 🙂



So many awesome people in one pic

Photo by: Sos