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I’m Vera and I test games for living. Started by accident somewhere in 2007, liked it and decided that this is what I want to do at least till retirement.


During all those years I’ve been testing lots and lots of different games from different studios. From such crap as AMA Pulling Power to some awesome productions as Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Konami, Vivendi, Namco/Bandai, EA, Gameloft, Vivid Games…hard to remember everything. My last position in gamedev company was Senior QA Lead. Also, had an episode (2 yrs) testing graphic drivers performance in games at Intel.


I won’t tell you that I’ve been playing all my life, cos during my childhood I enjoyed climbing trees and riding a bike more. But when I couldn’t go outside I have been spending time playing some kind of soviet Atari clone, and, in later years NES. I don’t remember what was the first PC I had, but who cares? The first PC game was Roller Coaster Tycoon, a pirated version bought from some russian guy on a flea market. A lot of my gaming adventures are somehow related to Russians 😉


Anyway, now I play games even more, but most of my time spent with games is just testing. I read comic books, love hockey and beer. And I like small furry animals, but who doesn’t?



Vera. Full pro game tester. Lots of XP. Likes kittens.