Accessibility Game Jam part 2

Oh, what a jam that was!

I’m still overwhelmed by all that happened in those 2 days! We’ve learned so much, we faced so many new problems and, what the most important, gained a whole different view on many gamers problems. We had the opportunity to talk with gamers with disabilities and there even were such gamers among jammers.

Learning stuff
This is us learning some important stuff (photo thanks to PGG)

Around 15 games were made and presented. Usually game jams are just creativity boosters, but this time it was more challenging. The theme was ‘let’s change the game rules’ which actually made it even harder, because creating a game that can be played by people with different disabilities is hard enough and we also had to remember about the theme.

file_00013 file_0004

I was surprised by lack of VR games, but it was due to the lack of VR devices, so we couldn’t actually skip this issue. But a lot of games that use eye-tracking were made thanks to the devices provided by sponsors: Tobii and TheEyeTribe. There also was a game that used buttons as a controller, which was pretty awesome as you need only one finger to operate it. And one team made their own controller which also was really easy to use by everyone since it can track any movement (palm, foot, any object).

file_0001 file_0002

There were some games that focused on using colors to attract players, some that used sound directions on even a text game controlled by voice. At least 2 games were educational games for kids, and one of them helped kids to adjust the situation when they have to be in the hospital for some reason. Most of the games were very simple (still, it was a game jam) but some of them enabled various different difficulty levels.

The theme was very serious, but after all it still was game jam, so we had to have fun and do some stupid things too 😉

I would like to thank PGG for this amazing idea. Make more of such jams and spread awareness. I know, all jammers will now think different about their games. I know I will have a bit different testing approach from now on.

Also big thanks for all the people who cheered for us, gave ideas, sent some materials and inspirations during this jam. That was really helpfull!

Most of the games you can find here (not all of them for some unfortunate reason). I hope some of those projects will be further developed and will change the game rules for some people. Thanks for everyone who tried to change the world a bit with us this weekend. You are the real MVPs!