Accessibility Game Jam part 1

I’ve totally neglected the site, so it’s high time to change the attitude. Let’s roll with some news!

I’m currently in Poznan (Poland) taking part in Accessibility Game Jam hosted by Poznanska Gildia Graczy (Poznan Gamers Guild). We started few hours ago with a set of talks about the problems people with different disabilities have to face while playing games. Speakers provided us with extreme amount of knowledge. We use different technologies like VR or eye trackers to make games, but now we also know how to use them to help everyone have some fun gaming experience. We received a set of guidelines to help us make games accessible for everyone and now we are thinking how to make use of it.

I find the topic quite difficult, really challenging and super interesting. We usually don’t think about players who can use only one hand, who are autistic or colorblind, but the talks opened our eyes and I can hear hundreds of innovating ideas all around right now!

What new can I learn from this that I could use in QA? That’s a challenge for me too, but I have a plan! Without contact lenses I’m like half-blind, so we will use this for testing games for people who have trouble with their sight and probably some VR projects. Also I can try using earplugs for testing games for people with hearing problems. That’s my ideas for now, I’ll probably figure something out to be more helpful. Also, I’ve gain so much new knowledge that I can use in later projects and I’ll for sure remember about accessibility in games from now on.

I’m off to learn more. I’ll let you know how it ends, but I know we’re gonna make some awesome stuff here! Maybe you have some ideas we could use?


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