You need QA for your game. Seriously. You need it.


How does it work?

You make a game. I test it and tell you why it sucks. You fix it or not. It’s up to you.



Bug-free game, lots of gold and fame.



PC, mobile iOS, Android. Need more? Contact me, we can figure something out.



If you have one, send it to me. If you don’t, no worries, I don’t need one. But be ready to answer some of my questions during testing session.


Bug report?

Fully professional bug report in English. Description, steps to reproduce, attachments, suggestions.


Feedback about the game?

If you want it, I can write you one.



Since I’m a pro it’s guaranteed that your gameplay won’t end up on youtube or any other site before it’s launch. No one except me will see it during the testing process. Of course, if you like, I can show it to other testers I know just for opinion. Also, to be sure, we can sign NDA.


Additional agreements?

It’s all individual. Want a mention on my website, twitter or facebook? This will cost you a mention about me in credits. Or not. Let’s talk about what you need and see what additional profits we can gain for both sides.



OK, so I know indies don’t have gold. Let’s say I charge 5-10$/hour. The bigger your project is the lower the price. I’m always open to negotiations, so just contact me.


Before you contact me:

-think about what you need from me except the bug report

-estimate your gameplay in hours, so I can estimate the time I’ll need for testing

-set the deadline


Let’s make your game suck less! 😉